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Warranty FAQ's

Do I need a Warranty for my Craft?

An extended Warranty may seem like an unnecessary cost right now. Or, maybe you believe that whatever small things may go wrong with your craft, it probably won't cost as much as an extended Warranty Plan. The startling truth is that it only takes one expensive system or component to fail in your craft to make an extended Warranty worth every cent.

Can Boats & Yachts Warranty provide a warranty for any craft?

Yes, we can cover almost any craft including pleasure, commercial and charter crafts provided during the period your craft is permanently registered to you and its engines have less than 10,001 hours of usage or, where engine hours cannot be reliably recorded, are less than 15 years old.

What should I do if my craft develops a fault or a part breaks down?

It's simple, login to your account and follow the instruction on the claims section or telephone our customer services on Tel:+44(0)3300 101 101

Who will repair my craft?

We prefer that you use one of our Approved Repairers whose workmanship and quality is closely monitored to ensure that they are providing the very best customer service. However, if you want to use a different repairer there's no problem, just make sure that they are a TAX registered repairer and that they follow our 'Repairs Procedure' set out within the Repairers Assessment form.

Who pays for the repairs?

Boats & Yachts Warranty will settle the repair cost of any approved repair directly with your chosen repairer , However , occasionally, a repairer will ask for payment directly from you. Do NOT agree to this without first consulting us. If we have approved the repair but you have to pay for it, we will reimburse you up to the approved repair cost, so long as you send us the receipted and itemised TAX invoice addressed to Boats & Yachts Warranty.

When is my craft due for service?

Your craft should be serviced following the recommendations of the engine manufacturer. We recommend that you use the services of our Approved Repairers, whose work is guaranteed and who will ensure nothing is missed out.

Can I cancel my plan and receive a full refund?

Yes, all Boats & Yachts Warranty Plans come with a 14 day Money Back Guarantee you can cancel your plan at any time within the first 14 days and providing you have not requested that we meet the cost of any repairs, we will cancel your plan and refund your payment without deduction.

Can I renew my plan when it has expired?

Yes, at the end of your plan we will contact you regarding your renewal, this means no more forgetting to keep your warranty valid and up to date.

Do I have to get my craft surveyed before I can purchase a warranty?

No, however, before purchasing our Warranty Plan you must ensure and have the craft checked to make sure that the components covered under this warranty are in good condition.

Does my craft need to have a full service history?

No, you don't need a full service history to take out our Warranty Plans, but you must make sure your craft receives the correct servicing for the duration of the cover.

Can I transfer my warranty if I sell my craft?

Yes, selling your craft with our Warranty Plan may assist in its sale.

How can I pay for a Boats & Yachts Warranty?

We accept payments using most major credit or debit card, through our secure online payment system provided by Barclays Bank Plc

What if I have a complaint?

Boats & Yachts Warranty take complaints very seriously. All complaints are thoroughly investigated by our Customer Relations Manager who will try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Above all else we are here to help.

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