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Outboard Coverage

Outboard Motorboat Motorboats Helm Stern Controls Controls

2 Stroke & 4 Stroke


All internal lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and main bearings, rod bearings, timing chain, timing gears, rocker arms, cover, valves, valve springs, guides and seats, valve pushrods, lifters, camshaft and bearings, cylinder heads, cylinder barrels, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, reed and reed blocks, seals and gaskets

Lower Units

All internally lubricated parts contained within the lower gear case and upper gear case housing, reverse gear, pinion gear and shift shaft, housing and case, upper drive gear set, clutch dogs, or cones, shift cams, bearings, shims, bearing carriers, upper drive shaft, prop shaft, forward gear, intermediate or adapter housing, upper steering bearing and gimbal, tilt bearings and lower steering bearings, shaft bell crank, bushing and plug, seals and gaskets

Shaft Drive

Bearings and couplings


Alternator, stator, starter, power tilt motor, voltage regulator, regulator rectifier, engine wiring harness, engine terminal blocks, choke solenoid, starter drive, ignition coil, starter solenoid, switch box, ignition module, trigger.

Lubricating System

Oil injection pump, drive gear and/or shaft, oil tank, oil cap, oil level sensor, warning horn, oil lines, complete oil injection metering system, oil injection check valves, seals and gaskets.


Steering control helm assembly, control rack and pinion and yoke assembly, power steering pump, hydraulic steering head, hydraulic steering lines and control valves, power cylinder assembly, steering wheel and coupling, steering cable, seals and gaskets


Shift and throttle control cables, ignition switch, neutral start switch, throttle cam lever. Electronic Shift and Throttle controls including ECU's and Actuators

Power Trim and Tilt

Spring sending unit, oil pump, pump relief valve, spring, o-ring, trim cylinder, motor, solenoids, wiring harness, manual release valve, hydraulic pump, reverse lock valve, limit switches, master switches, seals and gaskets.

Fuel System

Fuel distributors, fuel injection pump, fuel injectors, control unit, flame arrestor, fuel pump, carburettor body, diaphragm

Electronic Fuel Injector Coverage

Fuel injectors, electronic control modules, throttle position sensor, idle speed solenoid, detonation, knock sensor, ignition control sensor, mass air flow sensor, manifold absolute pressure sensor, crank position sensor, air temperature sensor, coolant sensor, injector wiring harness, fuel injection lines and fittings, all electronic injection sensors and controls.

Additional Warranties Available

Auxiliary Outboard Cover Gernerator Cover Tender / Dinghy Motor Cover

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