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Service & Maintenance

Do I need a Full Service History?

You don't need a full service history to take out a Warranty Plan, but you must make sure your craft receives the correct maintenance for the duration of the cover.

If you don't know when the last service was carried out, then the first service must be carried out at the latest within 28 days or 5 hours of usage [whichever the sooner] from the date / hours of usage at your warranty plan start date, but preferably at the first available opportunity.

The craft must be serviced as per the manufactures scheduled recommendations as detailed in the Servicing Handbook. The interval from your Warranty purchase date to the first service and the intervals between services must not exceed the stipulated time, or hours of usage by more than 28 days or 5 hours of usage. If any circumstances prevent the service being carried out at the correct time then we must be informed immediately.

If you have details of when the last service was carried out, such as a correctly completed entry in the Servicing Handbook or a previous service invoice, you may service the craft at the recommended interval from that service.

You must retain proof of the previous service for our inspection in the event of a repair.


Between services you must ensure that the levels of fluids do not drop below those minimum levels stated in the Servicing Handbook.

Before purchasing this warranty plan you must ensure and have the craft checked to make sure that the components covered under this warranty are in good condition.

Proof Of Servicing

Servicing at an Approved Service Provider

If you have utilised the services of an Approved Service Provider then, providing the services are carried out in line with the time or hours of usage periods set, and you have a correctly completed and stamped entry in your Servicing Handbook, then that will suffice.

Servicing at a Franchised Main Dealer

If you have a full and up to date service history at a franchised main dealer, and your repairer is from the same main dealer network then we will accept the main dealer's confirmation as proof of service, (or) if you have the details of when the last appropriate service was carried out, such as a correctly completed and stamped entry in your Servicing Handbook, also by a franchised main dealer, then that will also suffice.

Servicing at any other VAT Registered Marine Service Business

If your craft Servicing Handbook contains up to date stamped entries by any other VAT/TAX registered Marine Service Business (not at a franchised main dealer), then you will be required to provide a dated and detailed service VAT/TAX receipt and/or service schedule (in either case) showing exactly which service parts were checked, replaced or otherwise attended to on those service dates, as proof of the last service in question.

Vessel Vault

Vessel Vault  is a cloud based boat maintenance management system which is free for all Boats & Yachts Warranty holders.

Vessel Vault gives you a secure online space to store copies of your vessels important documents and manuals with the ablity to access them at anytime on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an internet connection.

Store & Retrieve Important Documents with Vessel Vault

Store & Retrieve Important Documents

  • Registration Documents
  • Title & Ownership Documents
  • Manuals
  • Service Receipts
  • Safety Certificates
  • Insurance Documents
  • Licenses’
  • Pictures

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